Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Twenty Miler Poem

From December 21, 2014

Zero to One
Catching snowflakes on my tongue. 

One to Two
Ate my first Gu. 

Two to Three
Gah, that pain behind my knee. 

Three to Four
Snowplow! (and I lost my ability to rhyme...)

Four to Five
Nothing special, just keep moving

Five to Six
Lemonade Honey Stinger chews (these are pretty tasty!)

Six to Seven
"Trail not maintained" = soaked feet

Seven to Eight to Nine
Am I seeing things? Yoda made of leaves and a wombat went by

Nine to Ten
Gu and on the main street again

Ten to Eleven
Ooh! Hidden park and disc golf course

Eleven to Twelve to Thirteen
I've really got to pee!

Thirteen to Fourteen
Running by Princess A's school

Bathroom at the Y

Fifteen to Sixteen
Shortest day of the year for real 

Sixteen to Seventeen
Eat some Swedish fish 

Seventeen to Eighteen
iPod and me recite Alfie the Christmas Tree

Eighteen to Nineteen
Second wind! Finish strong!

Nineteen to Twenty
Joy to the World!

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