Friday, June 14, 2013

17 miles - Check! #TBT December 2012

My Facebook status from this run says it all:
"So grateful that I made it 17 miles nice December!"
AUDIO: I listened to several episodes of the podcast "How Did This Get Made" - a really funny discussion of terrible movies. Even when I haven't seen the movie the hosts are talking about, it's just as enjoyable.

PACE: Lots of walking (mostly walking?), as I was determined to finish and didn't want my knee acting up.

I stopped home twice for water, fuel, and/or bathroom breaks. I started in the afternoon, but given the short days this time of year in the North, I finished after dark. The last few miles, I stayed close to home and ran all around some streets in a neighborhood a few blocks from my house. Along the way, I enjoyed looking at Christmas decorations.