Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Training Recap from Sunday, September 30

Distance: 4 miles
Tunes: The History Chicks podcast

I set out with the goal to do a half marathon race pace, and I'm happy to report that I was able to do it! I did intervals of 20 sec run/ 1:40 race walk, which I hope to be able to do in my November half marathon (Disney's Wine & Dine). This training day I really concentrated on form and posture for both walking and running: standing tall, using my core, and a short stride.

And here comes the wander part...
I took the wrong road back into our [large] development, since I took a path I haven't done in awhile. This would have me finishing my 4 miles over a mile from home. It was a beautiful day, though, and I was feeling good, so I figured I'd just enjoy walking that extra distance as a long cool down. Right after I finished my 4 miles, I found a dime on the ground. I know it's just ten cents, but how often do you go for a training run and make money? My husband thinks it is completely disgusting that I will pick coins off the ground, but I figure it's one more coin for the Mickey bank! (We have a Mickey Mouse shaped bank where we collect coins to help save up for vacations.)

So I'm walking along, enjoying the podcast, and feeling pretty content with my 10 cents, when I notice something even better.

I hurried ahead to see more. There were several additional sweet sayings written on the sidewalk, and then the last one...

I was so excited to have happened upon someone's proposal. I shared it with J when I got home, and he teased me by responding, "You don't know. Maybe she said no." But I would not let my bubble be burst!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


My first attempt at a running blog - here we go!

A few months ago, I thought about starting a running blog to coincide with training for my first marathon. In the craziness of our summer, the training began but the blogging didn't. Now exactly halfway through my training plan, I felt inspired to start writing about my experiences. Long runs certainly give me a lot of time to draft posts in my head! I plan to write not just about training, but the cool things I see along the way. I usually carry my iPhone with me, so I'll snap photos to share as well. 

The name for the blog comes from my training style. I use walk/run intervals and love wandering down new trails or discovering new things along a well-traveled path. You can check out more about my running/walking life in detail in the "About Me" section.