Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Destination Run & Extreme Taper

I figured I would do a normal two-week taper heading into the Disneyland races, but life and work had other plans. In a good way, actually. My biggest work project of the year launched just days before the event. I worked extra hours, 6 days a week, then was out of town with the project. While it was hectic, I love the team on this one, and it was pretty fulfilling work. On the life side, one of my best friends was in town. In the spare time I could have been running, we went to the State Fair, Interstate State Park, the Mall of America, and I'm sure I'm forgetting somewhere else. I think I missed half of my workouts during my taper. At least there was a lot of walking in our activities, so it wasn't a total couch potato taper.

Here is one of the runs I did take:

Mississippi River, La Crosse, Wisconsin

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