Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Training Recap: August 5-11

Wednesday, August 7
An average short run for me

Friday, August 9
This day was a departure from my scheduled short run. The next two months are going to be crazy with more hours at work for my husband and I, plus he will be out of town on business for 3 out of the 4 weeks in September. I knew J would be working late, so I substituted my evening run for a 35 minute brisk walk on my lunch break. Turns out I worked late as well (and Princess A came with us), finishing at 8 pm. After getting her home, fed, and in bed, I did stair repeats. This is a 5 minute workout that is surprisingly challenging. The simplest way to describe it is run up the stairs, walk back down. I add some variety by going up every other stair, walking up, running up, walking up sideways, doing some step aerobics on the bottom stair, etc.

Sunday, August 11
Distance: 8 miles
Tunes: The Nerdist podcast and finished out the last 2 miles or so with a running song mix.

TRIUMPH! I'm scared to jinx it but this was my first 6+ mile run without knee pain in years! I want to smooch my physical therapist and whoever invented low-light laser therapy!

The highlight of this trail is passing this fabulously white trash home that has had a toilet sitting in the front yard for a year now:

I've been working on a new long run theory the past few weeks. I wanted to research a little more into long run paces, and came across this article:
I've adapted the "Target Your MP" for a half marathon. I've started running the first half of my miles about 60-90 seconds slower than my goal race, with the back half of miles 30 seconds slower up to race pace. Since I walk/run, I have been doing more walk segments in the first half, which seems to put me at the right pace. So far I'm liking this plan. 

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