Monday, August 5, 2013

Training Recap: Week of July 29-Aug 4

Runs this Week: Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday

Tuesday, July 30
Distance: 3.5 miles
Tunes: 10k Race Mix

Since I missed my long run over the weekend (family in town and Princess A's birthday), I was going to try to get in 7 miles on Tuesday...but that didn't happen either. This week was stressing me out a little schedule-wise. I needed to test out the knee pain though, and that only happens on longer distances. So I set out for 3-4 miles, running nearly the whole thing, rather than my 1:1 intervals. I did 3.5 miles and confirmed that the knee still hurt. At least I had my answer for my next PT appointment. She tried a new treatment on Thursday: low-light laser. I was really optimistic about this one. It took away at least 50% of the pain in touching the area. (The whole lower/outer part of my knee feels like a big bruise all the time, and hurts when running longer than a few miles.)

Did I mention I had knee surgery and have been in physical therapy since February? Well, I have. The surgery fixed the obvious problem, but the outer knee pain has continued on long runs. It seems like IT band-related pain, but I've been through 2 physical therapists and took months off of running to no avail. I've tried lots of other things along the way as well: KT tape, Leukotape, ultrasound, chiropractic, manual therapy, hot yoga, and Chi Running. So today I'm trying to schedule an appointment with my knee doctor and her soonest appointment is at a distant location and not for 6 weeks! *sigh* I was able to speak to someone else at the office who could squeeze me in 2 weeks from now, still at the distant location, and at 7:45 am. Eek! But at least I won't miss work...? (Trying to find that silver lining!)

Thursday, August 1
Time: 30 minutes
Tunes: I forget :P

A pretty good short run. I kept up with my goal intervals and did half marathon pace.

Sunday, August 4
Distance: 8 miles
Tunes: Another Mother Runner podcast (2+ episodes)
Woe is knee. (Forgive the pun, please.)
Again, I was hopeful about the laser therapy, but not altogether surprised that my knee acted up around mile 7. I was trying out the theory of running the first half of long run at 1-2 minutes slower than half marathon pace, with the second half either at pace or 30 seconds slower. To achieve that, I did intervals of run 1/walk 2 for a little under 4 miles, then 1:1 for the remainder. I had to add more walking in the very last mile due to the knee pain. I will be back at PT this week for some more laser and maybe to address the hip component to my knee issues. It's all connected... 

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