Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Runs with Friends!

My past two runs have been with a buddy - a long streak for this solo runner!

Sunday July 21 Training Run
Distance: 4 miles
Tunes: None
Location: Wildwood Boardwalk!

This was a rough one to wake up for after the annual family beer pong tournament the night before. (Yes, we have a family beer pong tournament, two generations, prizes, and bragging rights for the champs.) I was very moderate in my alcohol consumption, but the heat and humidity and not enough sleep made for a slog of a run. But we did it! And then back to the room for some chocolate chip pancakes.

Tuesday July 23 Long Run Test
Distance: 7 miles
Tunes: None for 6 miles, running mix for the last mile
Location: the usual paths/sidewalks near our neighborhood

J volunteered to run with me. Since I do run/walk intervals we never train or race together. It stopped bothering me a while ago, and I was completely shocked when he said he wanted to do this run with me. This run was a test, per my physical therapist, to try the new tape she gave me and see how the run went. Going longer than about 4 miles continues to be problematic for my knee, despite surgery, time off, PT, etc. We were trying out some new tape (Leukotape aka "human duct tape") to alleviate some of the strain on the nerve that runs up the calf to the outer knee area. I'm not sure if the tape helped - maybe somewhat - but it wasn't magical. By mile 5 I could feel the knee starting to get uncomfortable, and by mile 6 I couldn't keep up with my 1:1 run/walk intervals. I was able to do some quick bits of running in the remaining mile, and I ran the very last minute to finish. While I pushed through that last minute, I confirmed that the exact same area of pain was still there full force. Most of the symptoms continue to indicate IT band, but it has to be more than that. I'll be back at PT tomorrow to figure out what to do next.

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